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Hi viz Rain Suit recommendation?


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Don't usually have a need for a rain suit here most times of the year, but if heading out to the East or Northwest, I'd like to be prepared for the likelihood of running into rain.


I've been looking at the rain suits out there, and to my surprise, they are mostly black or dark colored with reflective stripes. I'd think having some hi-viz clothing in lo-viz conditions would be preferable.


An HD riding buddy has an HD branded riding suit that is mostly orange. You can see him for half a mile down the road - a good thing in low visibility conditions.


I see Frog Toggs makes a hi-viz rain suit - any experience with those, and are there others?


How does the fit of a rain suit work - do you need to get a size or two larger to accommodate the existing riding gear, or are the sizes stated already figuring that in?




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First decide if you want a hood.

They are great for keeping us dry and no leaks down the neck.

Second, which kind of hood?

All plasticy which keeps you dry or an aqua barrier one which breathes better but may allow some seepage.

I have this Toumaster in yellow/black and it has good conspicuity with a lot of retroreflective, aqua barrier hood in collar..


Head stays cool but some seepage in real prolonged gullywasher.

I wish (I think) I had gone more with something like this.

First Gear setup.



Personal choice but I wouldn't get a rainsuit w/out a hood.

Also, some bright color with retroreflectiveness is my choice.

The dark pants and parts of the jacket stay cleaner looking and the color splash with retroreflect makes one visible.


Some sort of waistline adjustment is a big plus too.

A pair of dedicated rain gloves w/a wiper is a must, IMO.



I think the web site has sizing info.

For the TourMaster I wear a 2XL same as the jacket size.


As you well know a good rainsuit can save you even when it isn't raining if the temps drop and you ae getting cold wearing meah.

Best wishes.

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That Tourmaster looks like what I'm looking for - and there are dealers in the area for a 'touch and feel' session.


Thanks Tim.


Looks like the list price has gone up some - 80 bucks. Still good price range.

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