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Changing wall plug on Sony AC adapter


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A friend is shortly leaving for Slovakia, and we are going to give her a digital photo frame as a souvenir. The one we bought is a Sony. Its AC adapter is rated for 100-240V, 50/60Hz. It has a very cool feature: you push a button and the North American standard 2-prong plug snaps off. Obviously, there are European plugs that would snap in place, but I have no idea where to find one. I am usually pretty good with Google, but not this time.


Any clues?


BTW, the adapter model is AC-P5V1.

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I don't have a picture of it handy, but I believe what the OP is talking about is not an adapter that you would plug into, but rather a replacement of the plugs on the ac/dc adapter for the device (frame, in this case). That is to say, the powerbrick for the frame is modular in that you can just pop the prongs that plug into a wall outlet right off...and he is trying to find the prong piece in the appropriate european flavor.


I've noticed this on a number of recent electronic purchases including two external hard drives (one from LaCie even came with three different sets of prongs) and the Sena bluetooth headset/intercom system (though that just came with the north american prongs).


I tried googling for replacement prongs and also had no luck (just found a bunch of universal type adapters and sets of prongs to go with Apple power bricks).

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Thanks enfoman, but szurszewski is right. And,szurszewski, thanks for trying.


Seems to me that the whole industry could increase margins by adopting a single standard for this, but of course Sony hates doing that.

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