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k1300s powerlet port


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quick question on the powerlet port. is that on a fuse/breaker?

got my son a gerbings heated jacket liner today,we pluged it in, the light on the single controler blinked once, then nothin.

we then pluged it in my 1150 rt and it worked fine.

not sure where the fuse box is in the 1300s

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No fuse box on this bike, turn key to off position then when you turn

key to on position, it resets.

We found out,after reading , that the jacket draws 2 1/2 amps more then

the BMW powerlet supplys.

plan "B", direct hook plug to battery. done

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Dennis Andress

I hooked my controller to the alternator, and its ground wire to one of the starter mounting bolts. They're both under the fuel tank. A piece of dual-lock holds the controller on the back of the cooling system catch tank. Works fine for me, and my wife who did the same on her K13S.



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