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Guidance for new GPS, please.


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My old Garmin 2620 is nearing its 'way past best b4 date' and I want to purchase a new MC GPS.


I require:


- good sized sceen (everthing seems to be good sized after the 2620!),

- XM Radio incl,

- MP3 Player,

- MC use, preferably waterproof,

- MC Ram mount (for ball) incl,

- Power connect to my own, behind the dash, power panel.




- Bluetooth,

- compatible with MS Street and Trips, e.g. uploadable routes etc


What do you recommend?


Thanks in advance.




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Sounds like the Zumo 550 from Garmin. I just got one for $585 on ebay.

Comes with car and bike mounts and RAM arm to fit on your RAM ball. Hard wire cord included. Bluetooth (for phone at least; I haven't gotten it to give directions thru the headset),etc.

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Dave McReynolds

Yes, the Zumo 550 has both XM and MP3. I used both when I had it on my bike. To use XM, you have to buy an XM antenna from Garmin. Now that I'm truckin' I wire the Zumo through the auxiliary jack and the XM plays fine through the truck speakers. The XM sounds lousy through the Zumo speakers, but sounds fine through earphones. I bought lifetime map updates from Garmin, which allows map updates 4 times a year for as long as you have the unit, and incidently, allows you to put the maps on all your computers.

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