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In conjunction with Joes "North meets South" weekend, we will be taking the very scenic back road ride again this year to get there. :clap:


Meet- Tehachapi Chevron 9:00 am (although I will be hanging at the Starbucks in Lancaster around 8:00)

Then- a bunch of squiggly back roads to Lunch in Porterville.

After lunch-

More squiggly back roads east of Fresno

Arriving at Joes back yard sometime late afternoon.


Your welcome to join us at any point along the way.

One thing we'll never be accused of is doing boring rides! :thumbsup:


Here's the map, subject to change as we go along :grin:




Lemme know

Don J :wave:

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I'm going up Wednesday the 13th. So maybe I'll see you at the end of the line on Friday.

What's the total mileage on your route? Maybe I'll go back that way on Sunday and Monday.


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I'm a definite "maybe" for the weekend. Won't know for sure until that Wednesday or Thursday.


Great route, Don! But no fly-by of the pig farm in Squaw Valley? :cry:



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Don, enjoy the new tires- probably won't be much left on them by the time ya get home :rofl:


David, no idea the total mileage, but you should be able to get home easily in a day, just don't diddle around too long while stopped :thumbsup:


Dwight, hope to see you, mebbe Joe will take us by the "pig farm" on Saturday :thumbsup:



Don J :wave:



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I had planned to take Angeles Crest for the ride to Lancaster, but Hwy 2 is still closed from La Canada so It'll be Big Tujunga to Angeles Forest to get over the hill.

Leaving from the Winchel's on Fair Oaks and the 110 fwy and taking the scenic route. I'll be taking it easy on new tires. Anyone heading that way interested in less freeway, I'll be pulling out around 6 am.


See ya for Foo Foo Coffee drinks at 8:00! :clap:

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I rode your route today, from Glennville to the end of Yokul Rd. You all will really enjoy it. Old Stage Dr. was a bit dirty, but other than that, the road was clear. Not many wild flowers yet, maybe in another week. Saw some wild turkeys and other wildlife. All in all a good day.


You all have fun!

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