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Powder coating wheels - what color silver?


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I got this from my local powder coaters


"Hi Hugh


The best paint finish for motorcycle wheels is powder coating, we spray wheels and bike parts for Shaw Harley Davidson all in powder.


The only problem is is that the colour that you require is only available in a 2pack wet paint, we have various powder silvers in stock which you are more than welcome to come down and pick one of."



Any advice on how to pick the nearest match in Powder coat for the wheels - apart from visual- I'm a novice!




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Please post what you find. My choice looked good initially but quickly faded to a rather obvious white


Give the finished wheels plenty of time to harden before using tyre levers, and even give the rims plenty of protection DAMHIK

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Hugh, I doubt no one will notice any difference only you might.

I had a a pair of rocker covers powder coated and clear coated, turns out they look very close to the OE Titan Silver. Haven't found the need to fit them yet, scared I'll drop the bike when I do!


Most powder coaters have some samples of the common colours they use, take one out in sunlight to compare to your wheels.



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Maybe a gun-metal gray or titanium or other might look very nice .


I see the point in trying to match exactly but other might as they like to say on IDOL(gag), you'll "make it your own".






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