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Can You Sync Two BT Devices to the Zumo 550?


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I'm trying to simultaneously use two BT devices with my Zumo 550 -- (1) my iPhone4, so I can receive and sometimes place calls while riding, and (2) my Baehr comm system/headset thru a Motorola 820 BT device that has 2.5 mm headset jack for the 2.5 mm jack from the Baehr. This setup works, except my voice quality is garbled beyond recognition while the bike is on the move. Has anyone found a combination of equipment that works with the Zumo 550, iPhone4, and any type of hard-wire comm system (like Autocom, Starcom, or Baehr)? BTW, I keep the iPhone in my jacket pocket and the Motorola BT in the tank bag (separated), but that doesn't seem to help with my voice quality. Any ideas/suggestions very much welcomed.

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Nice n Easy Rider



I have both my Scala headset and my iPhone 3GS bluetoothed to my Zumo and they both work fine. Have had the headset for 3+ years and the iPhone for about 1 1/2 years.

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I have my Blackberry 9000 Bold and my Plantronics 510 Bluetooth earpiece (for when I'm in a car) paired with my Zumo 550.

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John Bentall

You will have to take stuff out of the equation and start again.


Step 1) Forget the Zumo. Pair the iPhone directly to the Motorola BT820. Is your voice garbled stationary or on the move?

Step 2) Forget the iPhone. Pair the Zumo to the BT820. Is sound from the Zumo poor sationary or on the move?

Step 3) Pair as original. iPhone, Zumo & BT820 - what are things like now?


What you are trying to do with the Baehr is what many folks are doing successfully with Autocom, Starcom etc.








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I have a two channel Scala headset. One channel is paired with a stereo BT dongle plugged into the audio out of the 550. The other channel of the headset is paired with an iPhone 4. And the iPhone is also paired with the 550. As you can deduce, the Zumo is only BT'd to one thing - the iPhone.


This works well. I decline most incoming calls, but when I do answer, the caller is often surprised when I tell them I am on a motorcycle.


I think your voice quality issue may be the mike? Are you trying to do this with an open face helmet?



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@UberXY ... My J&M mic sounds great with B2B GMRS radio while on the move (flip up helmet) and while at a standstill with iPhone phone4, Baehr, and Motorola 820 BT. The Zumo 550 has two external jacks -- stereo sound out (3.5 mm), which I'm using for mp3 file music and mic in (2.5 mm), which is currently unused. I may try to use the unused mic in jack on the Zumo somehow. Or ... just activate a third cell phone line and re-use my old Motorola flip up phone, which worked pretty well before I bought the iPhone. :-)

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