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BRR 7 Routes are UP!!!!!!!!!!


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Hello everyone, I have the routes completed and broken out so that one Garmin file has loops (Thanks to TyTass for reviewing them) and one that is just individual segments. These are all done in the 2011.3 version of City Navigator.


YOU WILL NEED TO RECALCULATE THEM please feel free to PM if you need assistance.


As they are too large to upload here, I'm going to ask the mods to see if they can place them in a post. Until then, please PM me your email address and I'll send them to you

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Great work with the routes. I just copied and saved each one individually and it worked great with no recalculation.


Thanks for the effort.



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Paul Mihalka

Anything on routes for Luddites without a GPS? I do have a yellow highlighter ready! One month to take-off! :P:thumbsup:

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Matt, Even though I can't make it, I wanted to thank you for the routes. I downloaded them to Mapsource and they came out perfectly.


Maybe I'll be able to get up there soon.

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