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R1100RT vs R1150RT Brake Pads


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Hi all,


Does anyone know if the brake pads for the 1100RT and 1150RT are compatible? I have a set of 34117669448 for the front and 34217660281 for the rear. Micro fiche shows different parts for the different models but I was wondering if anyone any experience here.




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The front are different though ISTR that the rear is the same style but OE fit is organic on the 1100 and sintered metal on the 1150.

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The Brakes are different, so you will have to choose accordingly.

However, many of us use aftermarket pads. There are many makes as you know, , but like the dreaded 'oil' word - people heve strong but often pointless opinions about there chosen favourite.

I use & like EBC HH pads as they give a good feel, wear well, and are reasonably priced.

For EBC HH Pads, the R1100RT uses:

Front - FA407HH

Rear - FA363HH (which are the same as the R1150RT pads).



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