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Slime & Slime pumps


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I'm in the market for a compact tire pump to carry. I've seen 2 that Slime sells. One is quite small and inexpensive. Can it handle the job of inflating a tire without crapping out? Anyone have experience with them? Other sources? I don't really want to spend a lot of money (I've seen some upwards of $100!) on something I hope I will never need but then again I don't want to kick myself for not spending a few more bucks if an inexpensive one does not do the job.

Also how about the Slime juice stuff? Does it really work?

Thanks in advance

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I don't use the juice but I have a compact Slime pump that works fine for inflating tires. I use it to keep the tires topped off and have used it to fill severely underinflated (10psi) bike tires in storage. It takes a few minutes but no problems getting it done. Came with all the connectors I needed including Powerlet plug, SAE, and even little battery clamps. I keep it in the tail of the bike and it tucks away nicely. You can make your own compact one using a cheap inflator from Wal-Mart but the Slime wasn't that much more, came in a nice hard case and was ready to go from the start - didn't have to screw around pulling parts/cases/etc off the Wal-Mart cheapies.

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I have used a Slime like pump to inflate tires. So yes they do work. Almost all the Automotive pumps in those plastic boxes have the same style pump lurking in their bowels. The nicer cycle pumps have a heavy steel guard that covers the gear drive to protect ones fingers from being chewed up. The pumps do get hot and it's suggested to run them for only a few minutes at a time.

Slime works but your tire guy will hate your guts when he changes your tire, it's messy. So if he charges a fortune, it's your fault.

Bicycle shops carry the cartridge inflators and they have a larger size that can get enough air in a tire to limp to a station for a proper fill up.

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The better Slime pump is called the "Powersports Tire Inflator"

Still small but better rated tahn their other small pumps.


Better than Slime is Ride On Tire Sealant.You install in your tires,then go riding.It will act to seal leaks later if you get a puncture,it's also a balancing compound,so you eliminate your wheel weights when you install the product.



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Slime works but your tire guy will hate your guts when he changes your tire, it's messy. So if he charges a fortune, it's your fault.

And if you have tire pressure monitors you'll hate yourself. AFAIK there aren't any flat fixing liquids that should be used with TPM.


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When I picked up a nail I purchased a slime kit which included a pump and a bottle of slime. I purchased the kit at Canadian Tire for under $30.00.


I used the slime and the pump to fix the tire and get me home. I replaced the tire a few weeks later and apologized to the service man prior to him working on the tire. It makes a mess.


I now have a Stop and Go tire Plugger with me as well as the slime pump. I also carry a bottle of slime just in case.

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I have used the slime pump for a number of years. I have changed tire pressure when dual sporting many times with it and inflated tires from empty with it as part of flat repairs. It has worked great.


I will say, when using to inflate from fully flat I turn the pump off for a few minutes to allow it to cool about 1/2 way through the process, then continue.


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I have a slime pump I bought for 20 bucks and it's the best 20 bucks ever spent. Use it all the time as the majority of gas stations have air pumps that are broken or the connectors don't fit between the spokes. If you have a complete flat, it will take a few minutes, but the unit has never crapped out...and I did have a road flat last summer.

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And if you have tire pressure monitors you'll hate yourself


I dunno, the local dealer is suggesting a Slime like substance for new tire buyers. May or may not be a problem.

I tried a Stop and Go and it went flat. I like the gooey worms mo betta. Truckers are said to like the worms too. We had to fuss with the S&G for a long time. My weeny little hands couldn't stretch the plug to insert. It took the most manly of us to get it to work.

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I have a Slime pump I bought on sale a few years ago for twenty bucks. It works fine, but so do all the others. Here's a link to modify a generic pump to make it more compact: http://tinyurl.com/f1tv


Helpful hint: the brass bit that screws into the pump, the one with the red label saying "HOT" or somesuch? Don't touch that right after using the compressor. Especially don't do it twice.

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Evening c170


I have an older Slime Tire pump that has served me very well for a number of years. I removed it from it’s case then shortened the hose and lengthened the wires (much-much smaller package with no case, longer wires, and shorter hose). Doesn’t matter on hose/wire length as long as the combination reaches both tires.

I built a small aluminum shield for the pump gear (you really don’t need to but that makes it a bit more finger friendly).


I use it a lot on camping trips to inflate my sleeping pad.


One thing to keep in mind is: there have been a few threads across the Internet with some claiming the NEWER slime pumps have plastic pistons instead of the metal ones. I’m not sure if it is true or not but if it is that would sure limit the pumping time over the older metal ones as those small pumps sure make a lot of heat while pumping their little hearts out.


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Hey c170, just to throw my "me too" in. I like my slime pump, used it yesterday to top off my front tire. Amazing how only 3 pounds make a difference in handling. I have a tube of slime in the tail and it has saved me from a slow leak in the past, but not sure it is a substitute for a s&g or sticky worms. It does make a mess but flat 200 miles from home on a Sunday would you care?

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