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Heated Handgrip Failure (left side)


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Today I noticed that my left side heated (clutch side) handgrip has stopped heating up. The bike a 2005 R1150R. I have checked for pinched wires where the way too tight zip ties used to be. The wire for the left handgrip seems intact. Before I can research any further I will need to remove the tank or take apart the handlebar switch mechanism. Before I do either I wanted to ask here if anyone has experienced this problem before.


Thanks in advance for your response.

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Evening Slainte


Both sides grip heaters are run from the same fuse, same switch, and to a point same wires. They only separate at the junction where one side splits from the other.


With the above said the usual failure point is the grip heater grid itself (or right where the wires enter the grid). Once in a while you will find a wire failure at or near the junction point but usually it’s right at the grip.


Unless you want to guess your next move is to probably find the connector, pull that apart then measure the resistance on that side heater.

You might be able to tell something by turning the grip heaters on high (engine running) then grabbing the left side grip and squeezing and lightly twisting while feeling for the heat to start. If playing with the L/H side brings on the heat you then know where your problem lies.



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Please help!!!!!!! I've verified continuity in the grip circuit at the connection point underneath the tank and at the point where the wires enter the grip. The left circuit has continuity similar to the right. Also verified that power is getting to the left side in same measure as the right. However, the left still does not hear up.


Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Morning Slainte


Something not right there. If the L/H grip heater is getting power, has correct resistance through the heating element, and has continuity to ground it has to work.


Remember both sides are hooked in parallel so you have to physically split the left side from right to measure continuity and resistance.


With the L/H & R/H side completely isolated from each other what is the resistance to ground on the L/H side? What is the resistance to ground on the R/H side?


_Is the L/H side getting full power when connected into the system? (maybe resistance in the power connecter, or wire)


_Is the L/H side seeing a proper ground? (an open ground side can cause a non workie)


_What is the voltage drop from the heated grip connector to ground across the R/H side vs the L/H side? (that might shed some light on the problem)


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Thanks dirtrider.


Yes I had both sides split under when I checked continuity.


I'll measure the resistance next time I have the tank off. I'm thinking it's corrosion on the connections where the wires connect to the element. Water has been getting in between the handlebar weight and the rubber grip.

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