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Just another thing to check


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This is no biggie but took me unawares.


Going into it's 12th season I decided to replace the rubber brake lines on my RT with the kit from Spiegler. It's a great kit and went on with no issues whatsoever. After a thorough brake fluid flush and bleed I put it back together and waited for a nice day.


That came yesterday but when I tried to start it, lots of cranking thanks to the Odyssey battery but no action. During the cage ride to my appointment I thought I'd been a dumb guy and forgot to reconnect the tank connector on the right at the rear of the tank. After a quick strip of the tupperware, I was first dismayed to find it connected, then pleased when a quick reconnect brought the baby to life. Unusual with the BMW but I've been lax with the non-conducting grease on the connectors.


From now on I'll be turning the ignition on to hear the pump whir before buttoning everything down. As I began, no biggie, but it might save someone some time.


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