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Wheel cleaning

Widows Son

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Does anyone have a recomendation for cleaning the rims on my r1200rt. I am having difficulty getting brake dust and other dirt off the wheels.

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I normally clean my bike only when it has gone beyond the "gross" status. I use 50/50 Simple Green / water solution with good results on the wheels. Unlike my R1100RT, the 1200's rims clean fairly easily. On the 1100 the brake dust seemed to be almost absorbed into the rim and I couldn't get it real clean for anything.


For real stubborn stuff, I've found that any simple home power washer worked great being cautious of brake lines.



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I use 50/50 Simple Green / water solution with good results on the wheels.


Same here. I would stress the 50:50 Simple Green / water mix. 100% Simple Green reportedly can etch or dull aluminum wheels and other parts if left in contact too long.

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On my previous bike(s), I used a new paintbrush and kerosene (do you call it paraffin??) to clean, followed immediately by a blast from a $2 spray can of degreaser and then rinsed off with copious running water. Dry and some good elbow grease with a piece of old towel or similar.

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Magic Erasers (look like white sponges) are the best thing at getting off old brake dust grunge, with no scratching or dulling. Careful stealing them from the better half's cleaning supplies - she may think you're volunteering to clean the house. :dopeslap:


I've used them on car and bike wheels with great results! (just make sure that they are wet). A little wax/polish afterwards, and your wheels will look new.


Pressure Washers are good, but can cause more problems (forcing water into bearings, and behind bolts - causing rust (I've seen this on other equipment).


Some spray-on wheel cleaners have a lot of acid, and are hard on finishes... can eat up your clear coat or paint, and leave a mess. Read the warnings on most of them - and you're be afraid to use it.



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