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Let's see some Pets!

Kathy R

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Nigel at 7 months and near 85lbs


My boy at "Camp" where I boarded him this past February. One of the staff just sent me this great picture of him in his luxury suite ;)


I'm taking him up there for 1/2 day every week for day camp, just to keep him social with large groups of dogs. Besides, he has too many dog friends to deny him the pleasure of that part of his doggie life. He has turned out to be a very good dog. A joy, for sure.




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My girl, Cassidy, in her party dress shortly before she earned her first point in the conformation ring:




and then getting that party dress all dirty, working sheep at a herding trial and showing why Standard Schnauzers have a place in the Working Group:



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This is Larry and Louise's dog Neumann:




The camera broke when I tried to get a shot of Palin. :eek:




Here are some of our last pet, Tayo, taken when she was in training for the Cat Winter Olympic Games, which were held in Salt Lake City in 2002. She smelled a rat in the French judge's quarters.








as an older, more experienced athlete, she was planning to compete in String more on style and presentation points rather than pure leap height and agility. However, after sniffing out the rat, the competition was thrown into an uproar.

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One is over 20 years old. The other is under 1 year old. The old one does not like the young one. She's too energetic.


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Brodie and Benson...2 worthless pieces of meat...Sometimes I wonder if they're really worth it. But I do love them!






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Here are Tucker and Casey. Tucker is the larger one. He is about 1 1/2 years old. He is mostly Lab, but the vets think he has some Great Dane in him too. The smaller one is Casey. She was about 10 weeks old when this picture was taken on 2-24-11. Her mother is a Golden Retriever, and her father is a Newfoundland.



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Nice n Easy Rider

Tira (Tiramisu) on the left and Chloe on the right - picture taken several years ago. Tira just turned 14 and has really slowed down this year but she's earned it. Two knee surgeries (at 7 and 9) and 1 1/2 years ago she had a cancerous tumor removed from her side and her spleen removed two months later. She's a toughie who we adopted at 4 months from a rescue organization that had found her on the streets. Chloe (9 yo) was also adopted from a rescue organization after they found an abandoned litter on a farm.


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Kermit, the most best-est giant green iguana ever!



Gracie, The most best-est California desert tortoise ever! And yes I am a legally licensed caretaker of her granted by the state of CA fish and game department.


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Mr Jesus Perez sitting for a rare formal portrait



His Brother Liam Perez. Not sure he liked being woken up for pictures



Molly and Abby Perez camping.


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The boy-cats came out of a shelter. They were brought in from a hoarding situation. Out of 27 cats, only 6 were able to be saved. They were living in a Jeep. Apparently, there were a significant number of cats, owned by the same person, who were found in a storage unit...but those cats went to another area shelter, so I don't know how many were saved/lost there. I just figure we got pretty lucky to get these two boys and have them be generally healthy and happy big boys (Harry is at nearly 17 pounds and Bob is on his heels at 16 pounds).


Harry shows off his belly-which he loves to have scratched:



And he thinks that glasscraft is a cat-friendly activity:



Bob insists on sitting on my grill (grumble, gripe, groan):



And enjoys watching kitty-TV:



Actually, they both enjoy kitty-TV:


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This is our Maggie Mae. I "though" she was a dog when we got her. But she's not. She's a people.


"You lookin' at me?"




Flying dog, 'er, I mean "person."




"Come on, Dad, just one more treat? PLEEASSSEEE???"



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Once again, proof before our very eyes, that owners and dogs bear a STRONG resemblance to one another.


Hi Scott! :wave:

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Say hello to Jake, ours since June 19th last year. We got him exactly one week after we lost Jessie.

He's full of life, the best biscuit thief in the world, and sometimes is a bit of a bugger......but we love him.









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Annie's "broken-hearted Greyhound" pose -




Annie's a retired racer from the Tucson track, she's been part of the gang for almost two years.


Squeaker's "Who you callin' fat?!?!?!" pose -




Squeaker's a little over a year, adopted through Petsmart from a local cat rescue group


Jack's haughty pose -




Jack lived in Petsmart for over a year waiting for someone to coax him out of his shyness. He and Squeaker are like brother and sister after only six weeks. :)


Corey's "I know what I'm missin'"pose




Corey's 18 yrs old this month! Been part of my life since he was 10 weeks.



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Before the kids go to school one of our eggs which have been in the incubator for 29 days looks like this:



The kids knew that there might be a present waiting for them when they can home. The peck hole took 24 hours to look that way, so we were sceptical. But, once the kids were off on the bus, I went back to check. I saw this:



AMAZING. Well, the little duckling needed to rest and dry a bit, so I went off to do some errands.

The kids came home to TWO ducklings that looked like this:




I think we are off to a very happy family with our two new pets.




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