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Battery Tender


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I've got a dead batt on my 99RT because I left my Garmin plugged into the accessory port. =[


Will the Battery Tender + recharge through the accessory port if I get the right adapter? Or do I have to get to the batt to charge?

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Evening joerockt


As mentioned above it should but that is not always the case. In some instances if the battery is completely dead (like totally flat) the protection circuit in your Battery Tender won’t allow it to initialize the Tender. This means you might have to use a non protected battery trickle charger or 4-10 amp automotive battery charger to get enough initial charge in the battery for it to allow the Battery Tender to complete the charge.


You can try hooking the Battery Tender up for a while but if after a reasonable time period the Tender isn’t showing it in charge mode you might need to use a different type of charger to get enough in that battery to allow the Tender to work.


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Well I got the tender and the cable and when I hooked it up it showed a solid red light, indicating it was charging. So I think I'm ok. Hopefully tomorrow morning I'll have a green light =]


Thanks guys.

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You're right - Battery Tender will not start below 6V. Buy a Schumacher which starts down to 0.1V...meaning it will always start if not hooked backwards.


Good Luck...


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