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Hello all,

New to group.

I recently purchased a 03 R1150RS. 32k. I own several airheads but am new to oilheads. As the weather is not good up here I have ridden it once.(test ride, then it snowed and only recently stopped.)Any quirks I should be aware of? I have read a ton on surging. Don't know if mine does it or not yet. PO says no.

It also seems the RS is a bit rare or just not very popular in the states. Lots of GS and RT. Anybody else have an RS? Looking forward to great conversation and tech info. Thanks


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Welcome aboard from Down Under here in the Deep South.


Not sure about what's popular over there but i think all engines of that year have the same quirks etc. I am presuming it's a dual spark not a single like mine.

If you have any surging, then a good tune etc should sort it out.

Anyways, heaps of people here to guide us all along the right path.


Enjoy the ride





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I had an 04 R1150R for a while that had some very mild surgin in 1st gear under constant throttle. Switched to Chevron gas on advice of a BMW tech and the surging all but disappeared. Not endorsing Chevron, but it seemed to work.


Welcome aboard and will see you on the road!

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Welcome on board. I love the looks of the RS... It used to be that they were just infrequently seen, but I think they are drifting into the "rare" camp.


No change in their numbers, just marketing. Still a cool bike.


Surge? I had an R1100R that surged but a thorough valve adjustment and throttle body synchronization took virtually all of it away. You need this anyway and its easy to do yourself... the Oilhead forum is your guide.



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Welcome. If it's an '03, it's probably a single-spark, which in some cases did surge (at least more so than the twin-spark oilheads of '04 and the rare '05).


There's a great deal of accumulated knowledge here about surging, but it seems to come down to two basic items. A very accurate valve adjustment, and a similar throttle body sync, are the best way to reduce, or prevent, surging in a bike that has that tendency. Many times, dealer techs are in a time crunch to service bikes, and might not give it the TLC that an owner would when it comes to the time that the finer adjustments require. Not blaming them, but they're on a clock and time is money.


So the best thing is to learn to service the bike yourself. Like I said, there's accumulated info on this site, so search. If you can't find it, ask. Lots of helpful people 'round here.

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Had a 94 1100RSL, loved it! Lady D just picked up one down in Jacksonville.


Welcome! :thumbsup:






Yepper it's a great bike, you'll love it. Learn to work on it and you'll love it even more.

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I own an 04 RS. Bought it new after several years of Airhead ownership. With over 32K on the clock, have yet to have any problems. With the required service, these bikes will go a long time. I agree with you about not being very popular bikes. Very rarely do I see other RS's on the road. For me, it's the perfect ride. It's somewhat sporty, yet I can load it up, and take my wife on a nice three or four day journey. I've yet to find a better replacement with any brand.


Enjoy your new bike,



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