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Anyone install an aftermarket stereo on an R1200RT?


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I have a 2005 RT with no radio. Did not get the prep package either as i felt the BMW stereo is sub-par. Seems to me that an audio place can install a real nice and loud stereo into this bike unless i am missing something. Was wondering if anyone has tried doing this. There is a place near me that is the Michael Angelo of custom stereo installs and although i ride with helmet speakers and an ipod i would love to have a stereo on the bike instead. Any thoughts?

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I have an 05 with the full radio/CD option. I bought the bike used and it came that way. Having had it now for almost a year, I'd have to say that IMHO, it has to be the biggest waste of $$ there is on this bike. You are NOT quietly cocooned in a sealed up airconditioned car after all. You are riding a relatively noisy bike in a windy roadnoise saturated environment where I think even the cheapest piece of Chinese crap radio would sound every bit as good as a much more expensive one. The OEM speakers are probably the weak link on the system.

I REALLY enjoy listening to music, but with all the ambient noise on the bike, it becomes extremely aggravating to hear.

My suggestion....get a nice mp3 player and some Etymonics ER6i (30db noise quieting) earbuds and you will have virtually concert hall performance.

The ONLY time I listen to the bikes sound system is when I'm PARKED with the engine OFF. Then it sounds OK.

Just my 2 cents.....




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Heard that before.....:)

ABT close to me does install a system. A member here selling his R1200RT had it done as was happy with them. I will check it out when I get back form my April trip.

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I cant imagine it being a huge deal. Any high end audio shop should be able to install a system, even if it is just a nice powerful amplifier, 2 waterproof speakers, and an ipod hookup. I do ride with helmet speakers and an ipod now but my buddy has a Harley Road Glide with the Harmon Kardon speakers and it sounds dam good and he has loud pipes on that bike. There is plenty of room on this bike to hide stuff so i have to imagine it can be done. Maybe a high end marine setup so it is all waterproof.

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I put alpine system in my 09 rt. went with it because of the rf frequency remote control.only problem is you have to buy bmw speakers to get cases for mounting.sounds fine up to 60 mph.after that I'm concentrating too much to care about music

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I installed a Pioneer automotive unit in my R1200RT - used a Pioneer wired marine renmote as a weatherproof control I could mount externaly. I didn't have the radio prep kit so the only speakers I have are in my helmet.

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