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Gasoline Taxes??

George Brown

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George Brown

Has anyone researched the tax structure on gasoline? or, does anyone know if a website exists that explains exactly how many taxes are levied against gasoline (starting with the barrel of crude and ending at the pump) and how each tax is levied (i.e. per unit of measure or per dollar). I'm sure this varies by state, county and municipality.



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I guess there is a case to be made that the price you pay at the pump reflects a net subsidy. Of course ultimately that subsidy is supplied by other taxes, mainly income tax.


In other words your income taxes may be reducing the pump price by more than what your pump taxes are raising it.


Depending whose analysis you care to believe, and they mainly differ by what they consider to be legitimate government expenditures which support low pump prices, subsidies might be lowering the pump price anywhere from a nickel to over ten dollars a gallon.


I honestly don't have a clue, but it's something to think about. The case is that we in the US haven't a real clue as to the true price of gas because of this cost-shifting.


Anyway, like I said, interesting question and I haven't a clue.

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Since Cal is the land of "TAX-UM", it goes something like this. 18 cents/gal State, 18.4 cents/gal Fed, and in my county 9.75% sales tax to the state. So if gas is $4.oo/gal, 72.4 cents of that is taxes.


If someone can top this, let me know and don't get me started on the car registration fee, oops, TAX! Highest in the nation.


Sorry for the theft of the post.



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