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michelin Pilot powers


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I know these are "older" tech tires. but I have always like them No affiliation


but 210.00 for front and rear




do not know about two brothers shipping charges. They happend to be located in my city so I just pick them up. Just and FYI for everyone. It looks like all the major internet tire places, SW moto, Derby etc, all have the michelin pilot powers on sale.


I have two track days and BRR in betwee, in the next 60 days so I think I will buy 2 sets.

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I have used up a couple of sets on my RT. They were the stickiest tires I have ever purchased, though were not the longest-lasting by far. For track days or other aggressive riding they are a great choice.



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yep, putting them on my 1999 R1100s which I use as my track bike. I ride a R1200st as my daily commuting bike and weekend riding bike. However on occassion I will take the S bike on a weekend ride. I love the R1100s looks. I think it is one of the most classic BMW bikes they built. This is my second one. the first was totaled by my son. I really regretted loosing that bike and wanted a replacment. This one is not as nice, but it makes a great track bike for a beginner rider like me.

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