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Warm weather cruising - Air flow


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Hi People

Has anyone got some grand ideas about getting more airflow onto the chest area for cooling purposes when riding in hot weather on my RT.

Some information:

1. I have CB +3 screen that i like and do not want to remove.

2. All i am looking for is a better general airflow to the chest area, not the head area so hence the requirement to keep the CB +3 in place.

3. I wear a BMW Pro Rallye 2 jacket in hot weather and would like to avoid buying an Air Mesh style of jacket.


Bearing in mind the above comments, any ideas greatly appreciated.





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Ah! Well it does depend on your height and seat settings doesn't it LOL!

I'm 6'2" and with the middle setting on the seat, I get upper chest and head with a stock windshield and I get shoulders and head with a BMW large shield. Both in the full down position.



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I have fitted a gold wing vent to my windscreen. I can then open the vent and allow a litte more airflow where I want.

This isn't as good as it would appear though, as I still cant get a real blast where I want it.

So if fitted a spoiler inside the screen to redirect the airflow that comes up the inner surface of the screen. This gives a small improvement, but still suprising little flow.

I have contemplated an idea like solo6's, but I don't think it would do much.

One idea that I have not put into practice yet is fitting 'director plates' that you actually stick out into the airflow to force the flow towards you. These are currently available for the likes of the 'wing and the LT.

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Lop about 10" off the top of that windscreen. Airflow to the chest will improve greatly as will the stillness of the air around the helmet.

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