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Question re: electical problem R75/6


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My little sister's R75/6 is having an electrical problem. Suddenly her turn signals, brake light and horn don't work.


Is there a fuse box on this bike? Where is it?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Thanks Eric. :wave:


I told her to look in the headlight for the fuses, but she wasn't sure about it. I guess she decided to look. She said the fuses were like those old VW fuses, the plastic ones, just like go in her 71 VW bus. Soooo, she replaced the fuse and now it works! :grin:




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.... like those old VW fuses, the plastic ones....




Been there, done that, built the Baja (bug).


Glad she got it all shorted.... errr sorted out :grin:

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