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Shortened Shocks


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It's time for new shocks on my 07 RT. If I get lower shocks will handling, comfort or anything else change, apart from being able to flat foot it?


Thanks, R.

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Suspension travel will be altered. Initial suspension drop when loaded is usually reduced though because of the correct spring load being applied to the new shock design. I lowered my GS approximately 2" with a Wilburs setup last year....

Love 'em.... Better handling, more comfortable, and although I still cannot flat foot the bike, it comes a lot closer...

Have a good suspension setup guru do the calculations and help you do initial setup... It's well worth the price of admission.... :thumbsup:


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Paul Mihalka

With the common lowering of 1 to 2" handling and comfort will not change much. Keep in mind you'll have to modify the stands to make them work.

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