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High mileage oil

Hank in WV

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Does anyone see any drawbacks in using high mileage oil in a bike that doesn't particularly need it? It's the only synblend oil I've been able to find locally so far.

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All that matters is that the oil meets the specs in you owners manual - both API spec and viscosity. The rest is marketing.



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Morning Hank


As with any of the current motor oil’s you need to do your homework. A good number of the Long Drain or High Mileage motor oil’s are made for or to meet the latest automotive emission requirements so are lacking in some of the better (re ZDDP) additives.


Not sure it even matters for most light duty motorcycle riding as BMW hasn’t specified a S/G or S/H rated oil for a while now.


I guess bottom line here is: if you want the best in anti wear & anti scuff properties a lot of the long drain motor oil’s are not the best choice.


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