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"Moto Fun" in Texas


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About a year ago I took the Total Control school with them. Had a blast and learned a little too. One downside, and this is not their fault, but my insurance company would not accept the course for a discount. They said it was too specific in scope.


We had two instructors for about 8 students. This ratio allowed them to watch me like a hawk. Both in the classroom and on the course (large football stadium facility), the instructors were competent but yet enjoyed what they did. This helped make the class worthwhile despite the no discount bummer.

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Thanks, "Diver"!


I've received several favorable comments, and I'm signed up for a class in June. Should be fun!

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+1 on their course, at least, the Lee Parks Total Control course.


I think I may have taken the Advanced Rider Course from them, too, to get my insurance down...it's like all of the ARCs, but the Total Control course really helps. In fact, I just signed up for a "skills day" they offer for previous students...no classroom, all "range" work, as they call it.


Both the main guys are high-up officers in the DPS.


EDIT: if you take the Total Control course before April 30, you can then do the skills day on the 30th. That'd be worth the effort, and the hundred bucks, in my opinion.

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