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Need Advice, Autocom????


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I need to be able to talk to my GF and listen to an mp3 player. I could do that on the Gloldwing I just sold. What do I need to make this happen on my RT. I have the headsets (J&M) that worked on the Honda. May not work on the RT. I am pretty green on this stuff so any advice is appreciated.





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There are quite a few options out there. I went with the Starcom1, very happy with the sound and usability of it. Can connect anything to it and it just works. Autocom is a little more expensive but lots of the folks around here say it's worth it.


I've tried going the Bluetooth route and wasn't satisfied. for me it was a matter of connectivity, too many devices and not enough channels. Also, passenger can not listen to the same music as the driver.

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Assuming you GF is riding with you and you have no requirement to talk bike to bike, keep an eye on eBay for an Autocom Easi-Plus kit and a spare headset and mic. It will do everything you need without a lot of fuss.



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Contact Adam (RocketMoto on this forum). He is an audio expert.

His Phone # is 877-533-4245!


Ditto on Adam at RocketMoto.


I have an Autocom on my '08 GT and love it. I don't use it with an iPod, but I have the Zumo 550 (with XM), V1 Radar, Blackberry (bluetoothed to the Autocom), bike to bike walkie talkie, and Tony-to-Wife intercom working as advertised. We use Etymotic ER-6i Isolators plugged into the socket on the Autocom helmet lead.

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