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System 6 Scala Rider G4

Turf man

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Hi all,


Is there an adhisive, liquid or tape that would assist me in mounting my Scala Rider G4 to the outer shell of my System 6 helmet. Nothing appears to stick to the shell material. I do not have access to 2 part aircraft epoxy.


Thanks for your help.

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If you want it really stuck to the helmet, with no plans of removing it, then you can rough up the surface with sandpaper before using a two-part epoxy. Careful that it doesn't melt the plastic on the headset. I'd be more tempted to attach a metal plate to the helmet by the above method and then two sided auto molding tape the headset to the plate. That way, when it breaks, you can get a replacement with less mess.





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3M Duolock holds well and allows for removal of the unit at a later time. It can be found at Radio Shack in different sizes.

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Find a good Hobby store. One with R/C cars. Ask for "Servo Tape". I like the Bolink brand, but that may be out of circulation. Look for a black product with a white peal away paper. clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and let dry. Add the tape, and stick the two together.


Good luck.



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That is the exact product I do not like. I don't think it is very sticky. It is also designed to be removed easy. The truth is it is too easy to remove.


Look more for this product.



This, in my mind, would hold up better to the abuse a motorcycle would produce.


Edit: I should also state that Tower Hobbies/Great Planes has probably one of the largest distribution/dealer networks in the hobby realm. Find a hobby store, with RC products, and they will have this, or be able to get it within two day.

Note: Not sponsored by Tower Hobbies/Great Planes.

I am sponsored by Xray/RCAmerica, Novak Electronics, and Schact Paint Werks. Yes, I have spent way to many years in RC... :)



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Auto parts stores should have the 3M double sided tape, The one used to hold plastic body panels to metal door skins and hold those plastic rain guards that are mounted topside of truck doors.

Once properly applied only a razorblade will get it off, then some acetone.

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