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Computer Speakers


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We just finished remodelling our den, throwing away a monstrosity of a PC desk (upper shelves, drawers, etc.) We replaced it with a flat desktop - nothing more. We like the new clean appearance it presents. The last thing we want in our new setup is a cluttered desk.


We'd like to find a/some good speaker(s) that are either suspended above, below, or to either side of the monitor. I've seen some small 'clip-on' bars that are USB powered. My concern with them is that they wouldn't deliver much power, and I'd be frustrated, needing to lean into the speaker in order to hear it.


I don't need any audiophile-class speakers, but if someone knows of a good model, I'd appreciate the input.


Price range ~ $50

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I have and can recommend the Logitech V20 USB powered speakers. No leaning required.

They come with a nice portable case if you need to bring them with you somewhere. You should be able to find them in your price range - Ebay, etc.

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