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A wonderful visit

Paul Mihalka

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Paul Mihalka

We had a great day. With Leslie (Les is more) and Jamie in DC we had to get them out and see them.

So we made a plan. We (love Maria and I) picked them up at the closest Metro station. Drove to our favorite little French restaurant close to home. There Glen Reed joined us for lunch. Good food and the best conversation. Glen had to leave back to work, we drove to our home. John (Spike) Patti (Mrs. Spike) and 8 days old Carrie came to visit. Delightful afternoon. Too bad it happens so seldom...

It did happen:




Left to right: Jamie, my Maria, John holding Carrie, Patti, Leslie

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As Paul said, lunch was enjoyed by all. Good food and meeting new friends. Sorry I couldn't make it back to the house, I would love to see what Maria's "California style" design looks like in suburban Maryland. Spike, hopefully I will get to meet you and yours sometime soon as well.

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Les is more

Paul and Maria added a little magic to our Washington D.C. trip. They are both so warm and welcoming.


The warm and welcoming theme extended to the restaurant. Tersiguel's in Ellicott City has that feel born of great pride and care. The company was the only thing that outstripped the ambiance and the quality of the meal.


After lunch we went to Paul and Maria's home. Aside from the fact that it is occupied by two very dear people, it was designed by Maria. Her personal touches are everywhere and everything needed to turn a house into a home is present.


If you've never taken the opportunity to meet up with members here who are traveling through your area or if you've been shy about letting us know about your travel plans, you are missing something very special.


Paul and Maria took an already wonderful trip and turned it into a journey of the heart and human connection.


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We had a blast. Its so much fun to share Carrie's love. It was great to see you all again!!




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It was good to see you guys again -- way too long between visits though. :(


Hope you enjoyed the rest of your DC touring!

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