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New clutch cable hard pull


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I just replaced my clutch cable with one from Beemer BoneYard and it is much harder to pull than my old one. Anyone know if this will break in, or should I squirt some lube down in there?





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Morning E


If it is NEW cable and there is no drag in the clutch area itself or in the lever area then you have issues with the new cable.


If it was/is a used cable then it might need some lubrication, especially if it was on a bike ridden in bad weather or that sat outside.


If a new cable call Beemer Boneyard to see what they suggest. If a used cable then try some lubrication.


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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Double check the routing through both the lever and the lower attachment. Misrouting is almost always the cause of increase pull. That is most often in the hand lever. Verify that the lead heads are seated in the right locations.


If nothing checks out, look for kinks, then, disconnect at both and and try to slide it to make sure friction isn't the culprit. If it isn't, re-route again.

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Did the cable 'inner' move nice and freely in the 'outer' bowden cable before you fitted it?

If so, then I suggest you have a routing problem or have trapped or kinked it.

If it didn't move freely, I suggest you get it exchanged for another new one (ask your supplier)


Why did you replace the old one....did it feel stiff? if so it may be a clue to the clutch lever, or actuating mech.


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