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Riding pants for trip to Southwest


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I know this has probably been discussed to death, but thought I would ask a quick opinion from those of you who have ridden in S. Colorodo, NM, and Utah canyon area in Late May to early June. My concern is taking the right pants so as not to be way too hot and also not unprepared for high mountain passes weather. I have some FG mesh overpants with liners for rain, that I consider making my main pants for the trip. I can also wear kevalar jeans underneath. On the other hand, I am considering purchasing some non mesh cordura pants with decent armor with the idea of wearing them all the time on my 3 week trip. i go back and forth on this. If anyone has some experience or suggestions on this i would appreciate it. thanks.

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Assuming you are riding the RT in the photo, mesh overpants with liners (and perhaps a pair of long underwear) should be fine. I wore FG mesh overpants for 11,000 miles to Alaska and back, and the only time I was cold was after leaving my long underwear behind at a hostel. A year later, I hit a deer in Georgia while wearing the same pants, and slid on at least 100 feet of asphalt; they held up well -- no longer wearable, but I didn't have a scratch on my body. I did upgrade the knee armor with Aerostich pads.

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Thanks. Very helpful. In regards to the armor upgrade, did you go with hard shell in the knees (I wonder about comfort with these) or did you add aerostitch pads behind the existing temperfoam that comes in the FG pants?

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Kerry, just don't underestimate Mother Nature as it can be awful cold in the passes that early in the year. A good snowstorm isn't out of the question.

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Consider elevation-- mesh would leave me cold over about 4K ft. At that time of year I don't beleive high temps will be that much of an issue. I'd go non-mesh, but that's just me.

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I lived and rode in Colorado for many years, and the best I can tell you is at that time of year, ANYTHING can happen in the canyons and passes. If your pants liners give good wind protection, I think you'll be fine w/the mesh pants, and you can just slip in on the liners when it gets nippy. The RT (mine anyway) seems to give good direct blast protection, so you'll only be feeling the turbulence. I'd tuck a pair of long-johns in the pack for your trip just in case. Most of the weather will likely be nice, so the mesh should be OK.

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I ride in FG Mesh pants... often at that time of the year with the Liners IN, and also with base layer "long underwear".


Since you are from indian country...(Go Gators)... you may be more sensitive to chilly weather than us locals. I sometimes wear the long underwear (Under Armor Base Layer)... then regular blue jeans, then the First Gear Mesh with or without the liners. This gives many options and adjustments available.


You may start a days ride with everything you have, on your body and by 10:00 you are stripping it off... that is just the way it is in the mountains...


I also have a BMW heated vest which comes in mighty handy. You also might consider at least two glove options. One for the cold mornings... with gauntlets and liners, then something lighter for later in the day.


Good luck.

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All I have are mesh, w/liners. If it gets really cold then I can put my rain gear pant on over all that. Not saying I would willingly do it again, but I have ridden in 9 F that way.


To me the legs are far more tolerant than the upper body.


All this said, depending where you will be, how late you ride in the evenings, and how early you get going in the mornings, you should expect below freezing to over 100 F on the course of your tour.


You get the drill: evenings cool, mid-day warm. Much more daily variation than in FL. 40 F daily variation is common, and 60 F is not unheard of. That is if you are staying put in a single place. You are not. You are on tour, and this means you need to add an overlay for elevation on top of that. Folk have experienced 20 F leaving Torrey and headed back to So. Cal. (over Boulder Mtn in early morning) and over 100 F (in the Mojave Desert) in the same day.


And, um, well, speaking of spring Torrey...

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Thanks to all for the responses. I think i will stay with the mesh, get some long underwear and upgrade the knee armor in the pants. I am looking into the new d30 product for knee pad upgrade. First Gear says they are going to start offering this in a couple of months. If you havent heard of this stuff, check out this link for a demo.


Again, thanks for all the advice. I am really looking forward to the trip and the planning part is fun, too. (Go Noles)

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