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just joined, from sarasota, Fl. Have snooped this board a good bit and have begun the BMW learning process.

Am not an owner yet, but am beginning the hunt. have a line on a very nice 02 Montana with under 16k miles.

Curious as to what to look for before I make the purchase. I have always done as much on my bikes as I could, normal maint, adding lights, etc. Is a BMW less friendly to owner maint than, say, my Valkyrie?

Would welcome any advise-no rush, but am looking at the Montana at 5 eastern today!

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Paul Mihalka

Welcome to this asylum! The Montana is a BMW R1200C. You can find a lot of information for that model bike at www.chromeheads.org .

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The Montana is about the prettiest thing BMW ever made. I drool over them when I see them. So far as I know, they never made good reviews amongst cruiser owners and I think R/K bmw owners didn't much understand them, with their detuned engines. I think bmw was smart to exit the market, but have still considered one as perhaps a collector item, or for around town. good luck on your acquisition.

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I think you guys mean Montauk. That's on Long Island, a long way from Montana.


Both Montauk and Montana were models of the R1200C. See Here.

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I had a Montana. Got looks and compliments everywhere I went. I switched to a 12RT because I realized I wasn't into the cruising aspect of riding as much as sport touring.

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well, it'll soon be mine. My check should clear the seller's acct. tomorrow and I'll pick it up saturday.

I like to do a lot on my bikes myself-oil, fluids, etc.

Will need a riders manual and recommendations for the best shop manual. Any ideas where to source? I don't even know how to take the side covers off.

Also want a riders backrest and need ideas for what/where.

Have always wanted a BMW-got my wish. Now how to get rid of the wide grin? Guess I'll just ride.

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Now how to get rid of the wide grin? Guess I'll just ride.


Hopefully, the riding will actually make the grin larger. I know it does for me.


Best wishes!

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