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floorboards or peg lowering R1150RT


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I put a Rick Mayer seat on my RT and reaching the ground is a whole lot better. It is very comfortable but I have it in the low position and now my knees are bent beyond the point of being comfortable(bad knees)for long periods of time.

I am pondering buying a peg lowering kit but then the floorboard kit is not all that much more money, about double.

Is there many advantages to a floorboard kit. It looks like there may be more room there but I don't know.

All of my Harleys had floor boards so I am used to them.but in an entirely different position.

I rarely ride aggressive. But it only takes once. that is the one time I am looking to avoid. I have not dragged the pegs yet but the bike is new to me.


I am planning an IBA Sore Saddle 1000/Bun Burner 1500 this early summer so I want to get ideas from you guys before I jump into it.

I would appreciate any imput or experience you guys may have.


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Morning xharley97


About all you can do is try different things to see what works for YOU.


Keep in mind that if you lowered the seat your foot pegs are now probably too close to the seat so you more than likely will have to lower the pegs (foot placement). That will add additional issues if you choose floor boards as they will surely drag the ground if you add floor boards plus lower them more.


Lots of foot peg lowering kits available so that would be a good first choice. The good news here is, if lowed pegs don’t work out, they are fairly easy to re-sell, not a lot of call for used BMW floor boards as they hinder foot brake usage and riding position on the BMW.


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I agree with you dirtrider. If I don't like them I can probably sell the peg adjusters but unlikely to be able to get rid of the floorboards. I ordered the SM kit today I will sell and buy the Verhom? kit if the shifter and brake give me too much trouble.

Thanks for your help

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