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R1100RT top case lock removal ??


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OK, I did a search to no avail; I need to remove the lock on the (OEM) top case of my R1100RT. Is there a way to get it out without drilling the pop rivets and removing the entire mechanism? :S

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OK, thanks. those pictures provided on the websites helped. The topcase is slightly different from the side cases but still close enough that I figured it out after seeing the pics.


I sort of suspected it was that way but wanted to be sure before I screwed something up. I had my allen wrench (2mm) inserted in the correct spot but simply didn't push hard enough to compress the last wafer. It also helps to wiggle the key just a bit as you pull it all out.


I shot a picture with a tube from a WD-40 can showing where to insert a paper-clip or 2mm allen wrench just in case someone else needs to know.


thanks again :wave:


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Very interesting. I have done this on side cases may times but I don't have a key to my top case.


So I will subscribe and see if anyone had a better idea to remove a top case lock (without a key) without having to drill out the entire lock.



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Well, obviously, I'm no expert on the subject so this is a question more than an answer. Would putting any key in that will go all the way in, be sufficient to execute the removal process? Then make the wafer changes necessary to key your top case to match your side cases?


I'm betting there are some out there who can answer these questions. My buddy who is doing the wafer changes for me can, but we are many miles apart and stay in contact only by E-mail and an occasional phone call. I'll ask him the same questions.

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I would be surprised if that were the case, as that would have major implications on security. Anyone could break in, just by removing the barrel.

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