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Thoughts please.......


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Apologies in advance for a long post.............

Last October I was hit from behind whilst stationary at a stop light on my R1200RT

Fortunately the driver tried to swerve round me, clipped the right hand pannier, ripping

it from it's mount, and knocking the bike forwards and onto it's left side.

I have just got the bike back from the repairers (blamed the delay on obtaining new

body panels) and fitted Wunderlich engine bars a couple of days ago.

On fitting the bars I noticed a lot of what appeared to be engine oil under the sump, and

a lighter film on the rear of the engine. There is no sign of any leaking onto the garage floor despite the bike not having moved in the couple of weeks since I picked it up.

I have cleaned the affected areas and taken the bike out for 80 or so mixed miles. There doesn't appear to be any obvious leak as yet !!


My question (finally), is,

Could this oil possibly have been dumped into the engine breather (bottom of left hand cylinder) in the accident, and blown out by riding home afterwards, and back from the repairers??

Last service was 2,500 miles ago and no sign of any oil loss then, or in the period leading up to the accident. Needless to say I'll be keeping an eye on the engine 'just in case' it is a blown seal.

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After a bike has been on its side, the oil can get to a lot of places it is not normal. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Just clean it up and keep an eye on it as I think you are doing.

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Thanks Johnlt.

I am keeping an eye on it. Went for a short run yesterday (140 miles or so)

Still no signs of any oil leakage.

Posted this to see if anyone had experienced the same in similar circumstances, rather

than just 'working on a hunch'.


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I had a lose cam cover which leak a little oil so I thought. That was 2 years ago and I'm still finding oil stains.



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