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RT Trunkbag at Passenger Position?


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Has anybody moved and mounted the large 49L Trunkbag over the passenger seat? Will it fit? Does somebody make a mounting plate?


Thanks. New to RT-land.


Have done the requested information on my GS...just want to know if there's any possibility of doing same on the RT.

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Good day LPOL it is good to have you around.

Please take the time to fill out a little more of your profile, this will pay divendends as folk know more readily how to help.

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I have a BMR rack for my bike and love it for long distance trips. It puts all of my camping gear over the seat in a nice stable position. It also works well when I want to bring some firewood back to the camp site. Stuff can start to interfere with the opening of the trunk if you stack to high.

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