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Western Mass to the smokeys


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Hello, I'm new to this fourm. I'm looking for someone in Western Mass my wife and I can sit down with about planing a trip down the blueridge Parkway. Places to stay,eat, etc. Neil

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Hey Neil, welcome! :wave: This place has been recommended but, personally I haven't stayed. Station's Inn


Why not do something really silly & register for the 2011 Unrally. More than welcomed to ride down with a few of us from the Northeast.







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Check out yankeebeemers.org, they are a group of about 400 New England BMW riders. I'm sure if you posted a message on that site or came to a monthly breakfast meeting you would find all the info you're looking for.



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Do you use a GPS? If so, which one? If you are a Garmin user, I can send you some route ideas. I have done that ride several times. We live in ATL and have family up in Pepperell.


The BRP is just the best long ride in the country ... getting to it on great roads (2-lane, scenic, low traffic volume) from western MA is a bit tricky but can be done.


We go 'on-the-road' for about 3 weeks every year. While I like to know about road stop places for food and lodging, I don't usually plan the ride around them. There are exceptions, of course, and I almost always reserve a room in advance the first night of a trip. After that, we just explore. Some days we ride 200 miles, others we go 600.


Not having a specific daily destination is our preference. Only bit me once when rainy nightfall caught us on the Taconic Parkway where EVERY hotel/motel I could find was booked due to a big dog show ... We just pushed on a few hours and made it to Pepperell late in the evening ... an adventure.


I do carefully plan the route ... as rural as I can get it. It is 1170 miles from home to the family homestead in MA. My rural rides there usually run to about 1280 miles ... usually only about 200 of these miles are on interstate highways.



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