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RT Handlebar Mod


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Howdy - First, thanks for all I've learned "lurking" this board. I'm interested in widening my handlebars ( '02 R1150 RT ) - a wider bar helped on my Airhead as to shoulder discomfort and a (seeming) finer tuned cornering ability. One approach would be to lengthen the steel portions of the bars by welding in an extra 1 1/2 to 2" near the joint on each side - has anyone here separated the steel from the aluminum portion ? Do you think it necessary to do the separation ? Must be a way to do it - I'm thinking heat and a careful approach to avoid damage. I plan on purchasing an extra set of bars to attempt this modification and would appreciate any and all input/ideas. Thanks - Norm

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I have not done it, but I have seen RTs that replace the stock bars by using an adapter bolted to the bar mounts which will let you run a "regular" round bar set...and from there you should be able to put on just about any type of bar you want (assuming you can work out the cabling issues).



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Morning Norm


I assume you want to weld on your stock bar tubes to be able to retain the production handle bar end controls and light controls?


Those bar tubes will come out of the aluminum castings with enough effort (at least the ones I did on an 1100 did). There are bolts holding the tubular part into the aluminum castings so the bolt needs to be loosened then the aluminum part around the tube heated with a heat gun then striking the loosened bolt head. On the one did one side came right out with the other being a real pain to pull out.


Remember your heated grip wires run through those hollow tubes and your cables/hoses and wires might end up too short at 1-1/2 inches wider on each side.


Personally I would just make up a set of bar adapters to allow the entire bar (aluminum part and all) to be moved outboard enough to get what you need. That would also raise the bars up slightly but not a lot if thin adapters were used. You can then also check for gas tank clearance.


Try removing the bar to upper tree attachment bolts then using a single bolt to hold the bars on move the bars out using the inner bar holes and the outer upper tree holes. That will give you an idea on IF your cables, hoses, and wires will work as they are now.


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Have to agree with dirtrider here; build an adaptor similar to the Mototechniques bar-backs. Except to accomplish your goal move them up and out instead of up and back as the MTs do.

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I've got the Mototechniques (up n back) mounted presently. Looking at the cavity inside the body panels for the top tree I doubt I've the clearance for the wider steering sweep at that level. I've acquired the top plate for the conversion to tubular bars which I may use, but I'd prefer to keep my heated grips which would still require extending a stock width bar. Just purchased a used set of '02 RTP bars to try some mods with - already have an extended front brake hose mounted, I think I can create the slack necessary in the wiring, possible extend a circuit or two, and I'll have to relocate the clutch hose to the outside of the fork tube to hopefully achieve the positioning I'm looking for. Thanks again for the ideas - keep em coming. Norm

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