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When the planets and stars are in line . .


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you sometimes get a break that goes beyond belief.


I am finished my breakfast and get up to make a coffee to take out to the garage where I have about 4 hours of work to do.


Then I think I'll go down to the bathroom in the basement first so I don't have to come back in later.


Down the stairs I go and as I walk by the 'furnace, hot water alcove' I hear a sound like a small jet taking off.


I don't remember either burner making that noise so I open the door and step in.


Hmm funny, I guess I never really listened before.


Then there is a rush of water around my feet.


I reach up and turn off the water supply.


The water runs over to the floor drain and starts to pool.


I have a vapor trap in the drain and it takes some major effort to break it loose to allow the water to drain.


If I had gone outside, if the drain never opened.


Man what a mess I would have had.

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Yes, very satisfying to have been there at the right moment.


Because we rent our water heater, I gave them a call. Two ours later they are at the door, 45 minutes after that they are doing the final leak test and are gone.

If I was still in business I would have tried to hire them, super couple of guys.


The old tank was 20 years old, the new one he said would last a max of 8 years, more efficient but . . .


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