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for the 2nd year in a row panasonic took 1st place at the consumer electronics show in las vegas....best hd and 3d pictures...the new model vt30 55" is msrp $2800 65" is &4200 should be here in may

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Joe Frickin' Friday
Oh, I thought this was a blood donor thread.


Me too. :grin:


We bought a Panasonic plasma a couple of years ago, very happy with it. Some reflection from the shiny screen during the daytime, but in the evenings with the lights dimmed, the picture quality is great.

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I have a Panasonic plasma, high zoot model about three years old. Great picture. Puts out a LOT of heat. Uses a LOT of power. Power supply, which cost about 40% of the whole thing, new, lasted two years and a couple months. Repair tech who came out told me he puts power supplies in plasmas all day, every day. Walked in the door with it in his hand, knowing that was what he was going to need to do. Meanwhile my DLP unit from around ten years ago has never burped, other than to have a bulb burn out, which I replaced for about a hundred bucks. The plasma gets used maybe 10% as much as the older DLP unit. Yeah, I'll give the nod to the plasma picture, but just barely. I wouldn't buy another one.


Just my experience.

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Bought a 42" plasma panasonic 5 years ago. No problems. Great picture. But you need to view a plasma in a darkened room. If there's a lot of light go LCD

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

Hmmm. The one I bought in December blew up yesterday. A couple hours after I left for a long weekend visting relatives with my brother.

Hope the wife gets it fixed before I get home. A man has his needs.

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