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wind shields


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Any body know the dimensions of a standard BMW wind shield for r1200rt 09? Is there a tour screen? My bike came with two screens one is a BMW screen (20" wide x 25" high) the other is a Cal Science med. I will probably sell both to get the right shield.




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Don't know your height/inseam etc. but Cee Baileys website has a how-to on picking the right height shield. I went with the +2" taller-3" wider than stock and it is perfect. Google CeeBaileys and notice there is also a site for a coupon. (hope it hasn't expired)I used it and saved 15%.


Oh, I'm 5'11" with an 32" inseam. Good luck

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yeah, I have had C Bailey's before..hey rinky..have you heard of problems with the support arms breaking when you use the taller screens?

I am tall 6'5" 36" inseam


I like the Cal science thats on there but its a lttle short. Its a medium I might go for a large..a bit cheaper than the Baileys.



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