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04 RT "Brake Failure"


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Leaving work today the "brake failure" light starting blinking real fast and did not recover after a number of power cycles. I was able to get the bike home with the light blinking the whole way. There is no ABS sound during start up, no abs noise when pulling the hand lever or foot lever, and the brake lights do not come on when activating the hand or foot lever.


After some research seems like this could be indicative of a very costly modulator replacement. :(


Any ideas?

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Don't know what is wrong, but there is an abs unit on ebay right now for a 2003. Nope not mine, no affiliation, and may be pure junk....


Did the brakes actually work normally i.e. with assist, or were they in hard to use manual mode. If they worked I would start with checking fluid including the abs unit under the tank.


Check the micro-switches at the rear pedal..They may be stuck on. If no sound at all and no assist...wait for someone else on the list smarter than me to help...

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Mine did that two weeks ago - it was a stuck brakelight switch. Check to see if the brake light is on - if so, this causes a self-test failure and so the ABS is disabled (this is EU law).


The rear switch is most common - mine was - and is easily fixed, usually by just cleaning. The front can also fail though - push the lever forward to check.



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Morning tone1298


The rear brake light is controlled internally by your I-ABS controller so that indicates the ABS controller is not doing it’s part.


It’s difficult to tell what you have there without the full story on the brake failure lights. Your bike should behave TWO dash lights, one is the general light and the other is the actual brake failure light.


We need to know what dash light was doing what and if the flashing is together or opposed and how fast the lights were flashing.

Still might not tell us much but it might point a finger.


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1150 RT trouble light codes



iABS fault codes

Gen OFF, ABS ON = Only residual braking in both circuits.

Gen OFF, ABS flashes at 1Hz = ABS not available. Pull-away test not completed.

Gen OFF, ABS flashes at 4Hz = Only residual braking function available in both circuits.

Gen ON, ABS off = rear light/brake light defective.

Gen ON, ABS flashes at 1 Hz = At least one brake circuit without ABS.

Gen ON, ABS flashes at 4Hz =At least one brake circuit in residual braking function mode.

Gen AND ABS flashing alternately at 1Hz = Fluid level in Integral ABS too low. Low-voltage


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Once key is on...battery, oil, general, and abs all light up. ABS is the only flashing one and it's fast (would guess 4hz). After 5 sec the general light turn off but all others stay on and ABS keeps flashing as same frequency.


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While no new lights come on when i push the brake pedal, it might be lit up from the beginning. I also noticed that i can hear a definite click noise squeezing the brake handle but do not hear a click, its more of a creaking noise, when pushin the foot lever.


Did you have to remove the switch from the bike to clean it?

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good news. after further review, i found a very small rock lodged in the joint of the foot brake lever that was preventing the switch contact. after some minor surgery with a nail and a shot of wd40, all is well!


thx to all for the responses!

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