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I have a 2001 RT and would like to replace the horn with something that others can hear. I really don't want to go to the trouble of adding an air horn but heard that Fiamm (sp) had one but I'm unsure of model. I understand that my existing relay would work?!

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If I remember right, the first mod I made to my 1999 RT was to replace the horn with a Stebel Magnum, which is a diaphragm horn, rather than air, so it doesn't need any wiring changes.




Although the Magnum is quite a bit larger, it still fits, and is a plug-and-play installation. If I remember right, I re-used the original horn hanger strap. No bodywork needed to be removed for the installation (although working space is a bit tight -- especially if you have large hands).

Even though it seems intuitive to point the bell forward for sound direction, don't, as it can fill with water. (DAMHIK) :dopeslap: Mine points straight right.


While the Magnum isn't as loud or distinctive as the Stebel Nautilus air horn (which I have on my car), it's a definite improvement from the bleat of the OEM horn, and is a lot easier to install.

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I bought two Stebel air horns. Both ceased working in a short time. Repeated contact with the company resulted in ..... NOTHING. Buyer beware.

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The later R1150RT runs twin horns as standard and are really quite load and a nice tone. The second horn sits as a mirror image on the fairing frame.

So stock horns are an easy option (the wiring is proably already there, and if not an easy link from one side to the other is easy too.

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It isn't that much extra work to add air horns. I mean, the bodywork's off anyway, right? I had TWO Stebels on my 2004 RT. They worked flawlessly for about 37k miles (I sold the bike at that point). Here's a short article showing what I did http://www.mklsportster.com/r1150rthorn.htm There's a video link at the end so you can hear it as well.



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Dual Fiamm horns work well as a replacement for the 1100 stock feeble set up. You can swap out one horn in the original location using the original wiring and add the second in a speaker grill or other location that you might have. They do not require an additional relay. They are generally available at your auto parts dealer or on line, and cost less than $20. You do want to go with 2 horns.


I've had them on this bike for 12 years and the Norton in the Avatar (positive ground of course)they work great.


One example

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+1 on the later RT horns. The pair on my 04 are nearly a weapon.


+2 on the newer stock horns.


I have a '04 RT too and once in a blue moon I accidentally hit my horn instead of the turn signal and just about shit my pants - they are LOUD! :D

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