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Autocom headset question


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I have the autocom headset loom that includes the pigtail for in-ear speakers but also includes connectors for regular speakers. Can I purchase the regular speakers that will plug into the white connectors. Can't find them on their website. Second question. This loom is for the SuperPro AVI and includes a connector for the mini noise sensing mic but instead of a mic, it seems to have a shorting plug plugged into that connector. Any idea what's the purpose of this shorting plug?



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Hi John,


TopGear for sure used to sell just a set of the helmet speakers. Two kinds actually, regular and "race". Too bad if the retailers have stopped selling those.


Any electrical noise or interference picked up by the background noise microphone wires would mess with proper operation of the auto vox. The long wires to the helmet would be very good "interference sensing antenna" if they were not shorted out. With a short on one end there's much less chance for problems with RFI for example.


In the the case when a microphone is plugged in, there is a small capacitor connected across the two wires at each end of the complete loom. The capacitors are there to bypass RF interference.






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What you have there is a pillion headset harness. The rider headset harness has a second "ambient noise" microphone to plug into the socket that is by-passed/looped in your picture. The second mic sits just by your cheek pad and is part of the noise reduction circuit.



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John Bentall
Any idea what's the purpose of this shorting plug?


According to the Autocom website that shorting plug is part #2104 and is required if using the 2091 headset (pictured) with a Logic or Logic Independendent Wireless. Not needed with a SuperPro Avi apparently.

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I got an email response from Autocom: If you are not using the noise mic, you need the shorting plug in order for the "auto off" function to work when you unplug the headset when using a battery powered unit.

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