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The Commute from Hades...


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3000 miles round trip.


Once a month.


1500 in, work 8-10 days, 1500 back.


On a motorcycle May-October


Commercial flights rest of the year.


What's the tool for this? The RT?

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Describe that 1500 miles - all slab I ASSume? I'm thinking a luxury liner like the brand new straight-six K-bike might be my choice...



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I live in Ohio and travel to Minnesota one week a month. In the summer I ride my RT. Look forward this. I make a 2 day trip at about 1000 miles each way when I ride.

If I choose I can do it directly in one day (about 750mi).

Great times. Allows me to mix pleasure and work.

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Where will you be riding, and how many days will that 1500 miles each way be broken into?


If you are in the mid to western part of the country and planning on doing it all on the slab, I would look into the GT.


If you are on the east coast and can mix in some tight twisty secondary roads, then I would look into either a RT or GSA


That super tanker fuel cell on the GSA would really tempt me if I needed to cover that much distance in a hurry.

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That super tanker fuel cell on the GSA would really tempt me if I needed to cover that much distance in a hurry.


Yeahbutt.......Using a "Motorman's friend" would also be necessary. The stock tank on my RT is good for 3.5 hours plus......My bladder is a good match........Another couple of gallons of gas would not help this.

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I'd probably settle on an RT in any case. They get great gas milage, and therefore have a healthy tank range. You don't want a bike that's gonna suck down a lot of gas down and give you a shorter tank range. Put a Russell Day-Long on that RT and you're lookin' at 1500 miles non-stop, baby :thumbsup:


(for the record, in 2004 I rode from Fort Worth, TX to Los Angeles, CA in one long 1500 mile/24 hour run, stopping only for food and gas. I did it on my RT with a Russell Day-Long saddle).

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I agree with the RT. It can definitely handle the slab, and, assuming you do some other riding even if just errands, it is the lightest of the bikes mentioned and easier to maneuver in traffic and parking lots.

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