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Just Letting You All Know ...


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As the new riding season is almost here, want you all to know that even though you may not see me for awhile, I am still alive ... just BUSY with a new work assignment. And that I Miss you!!


Oh yeah, and that when I get my head above water (which looks like it may not be until the Fall :P ) I'm gonna start showing up again in both the virtual and real worlds! ;)


Take care everyone; and ride safely! :wave:


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We'll miss you too. It won't be the same. Congrats on the new assignment. What's this about "almost riding season?"



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Without pics...


Oh wait, even with pics this'll be a giant inhalation sound.


Good luck.


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You'll be missed.


After June, I'm pretty much in the same boat at work ... moving the work we do on the current contract over to another one. Nothing as exciting as a new job assignment. That said ... good luck with yours!

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you talked about this when I saw you in Dec., guess it was true.


get that work done and come riding soon and pet the dogs for me.

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