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New Shock R1150RT


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I know that a shock thread is almost like an oil thread..........


I am planning to replace the shocks on my 2002 R1150RT with 70,XXX miles on the orginal shocks. I know that the shock should have been aready been replaced, I have been just too cheap to spend the money on new shocks.


Now it's time to replace them. With a 9 year old bike with high mileage on the drive line (engine was rebuild when I lost a rod bearing at 6X,XXX using donor parts, crank shaft/bearing, rods/ bearings pistons/rings, cylinders,oil pump and cam shaft, from a wrecked R1150GS with only 1,500 miles when totaled)so the engine is almost new.


Back to shocks I am looking at:

YSS @ $1174

Wilbers @ $1367

Hyperpro @ $1427


I hate to put too much into an old bike with decreasing value. What are the pro and cons of the above shocks?

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Paul Mihalka

I don't see a YSS listing for the R1150RT. Anyways, for less than $200 more I would go with a well known top quality shock like Wilbers.

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I have Ohlins.

However, why not use the stock shocks?

People bemoan them, but to be honest, their critisism is normally based on the fact that the preload resevoir has lost its fluid.

For a simple home do-able top up, the shocks are pretty reasonable.

There are often low mileage OEM shocks available for almost nothing secondhand.

I really do believe that the values of 'uprated' shocks is overdone. It is a bit like tyres. When you put new rubber on (even if it was the same make as the one you took off), it should still feel incredible.

.....just my twopenn'th.



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