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windshield circuit design


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The project is putting the windshield mechanism from an 02 RT on a different bike and I'm having a hard time finding the wiring schematic for this circuit. The pieces of the puzzle are, 2-12v relays, the windshield motor (reverse polarity for up and down), the limit switches (shared common), and the handlebar switch. I haven't gotten the relays yet. I'm thinking I can get a couple of Bosch jobs and save a buck. If there is a guru out there that could lay out the wiring in detail I would appreciate it.

I've asked this before and got some responses, but there are still holes in the info. Thanks

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I have sent you an email containing the diagrams ;)


Also, I have been playing with the mechanism during the winter, while replacing the plastic frame for the windshield. I think the switches are located in the motor, there's a metal ball in there.



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