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windshield that fits an RTP?


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Just got a brand new '09 RTP, love it but getting annoyed with the windsheild. Im used to my 1150 that has a cee bailey +3in euro cut and I'm looking for something similar. Stock height on it is fine but I would like something with a lip on the top, main problem I see is that there isnt much room for anything wider than stock. With the LED lights there only looks to be about .5" to 1" clearance, so is there any shield out there that anyone is using on an RTP? I was going to get a new cee bailey but after I noticed they only do a +3" wide screen Im not sure it will fit.

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I'd recommend giving Cee Baily a call and discussing it with them. I think they do some RTP stuff and are probably aware of the issues and have something that will work.

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