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Political Thread Boundaries


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Hi All-


I was trying to follow the link to Fernando's thread as posted in the "Consequences" announcement, but the link is closed. Any way to show us the way?



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It was supplanted:




Apparently the other document could use a minor revision as well.


Given that the previous document (Effbee's) essentially said that you could discuss issues, but keep specific political figures, parties and their specific positions out of it, this statement seems to mean that in general a much broader interpretation of political is now in place.

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I read it - thanks for the link.


For what it's worth, compared to some other MC forums I'm on, this is by far the most civilized. There are plenty of very intelligent and accomplished people here, and I for one relish playing devil's advocate at times, as in the hybrid thread we just had. I learned a good deal from some posts, and hopefully, some learned from mine.


These issues touch all of our lives, just like motorcycles do. In a perfect world we'd all be big boys and girls and not take things personally, as well as accept that ***gasp*** not everyone thinks exactly as we do. And that's a good thing.


I can see why the admins don't want a polarized discussion tearing members apart. I can see why some members want to bring politics into discussions that are in "other topics." Good friends often battle it out, then have a drink together afterwards - no different in forums, I would imagine. Both sides have valid points. So, here's to civility!



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