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Florida Off Road Riders


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OK. Looking to pick the brains of any of you that ride GS's AND actually ride them off asphalt, IN FLORIDA.


Thinking seriously about buying a F650 GS and taking her off the concrete slab. Don't want to motocross or do track or trials riding. Just want to be able to ride through some sugar sand, grass fields, woods and not worry about dropping her. I just won't do that on my RT.


I'm sure I can find tons of those kinds of roads in the Carolina's, GA or out west, but where do you guys ride in the Sunshine State?



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Two suggestions...


1. Buy something smaller if you really want to ride in the sugar sand... DR350, XT225 or some SMALL dual sport. Otherwise the sand riding will suck a$$, you'll hate it and won't get the enjoyment out of your bike. Look at Craigslist. I recently bought a beater DR650 for $1500.


2. Start reading here.


3. Buy good off road gear and don't try to repurpose street gear. You will be cooler, more comfortable and have more stuff to show off in your man cave.


PM if you have any questions.


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Decide if you want to ride there on a street legal bike or trailer it somewhere.

Up here those folks ride on thousands of miles of forest roads.

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